Benefits of Water Running

In this crazy weather, we may need to consider alternatives to running outdoors. Treadmill is always a good choice but be sure to vary the speed and incline during your run to avoid overuse injuries. Repetitive strain of the same tissue is one of the leading causes of running injuries. Especially to the plantarfascia, shins, calfs, achilles and hamstrings. When we run outside, these factors vary without our knowledge. This allows for changes of muscle length, recoil, different muscle use, and periodic breaks to individual tissues.

If you want to take impact or of the equation altogether and try something different, try water running. This is a great cardio activity and you can simulate the running form and focus on good core activation and body mechanics.

To water run:
– put on a water belt that they use for aqua size and go into the deep end. You can do laps in a lane as long as your feet don’t touch. Alternate your feet and arms in the same pattern as running while feeling a medium firm core. This activity is really hard and much more taxing than running outdoors so cut your run time in half. I would say a 30 min workout would equate a 10-12k run at moderate pace.

Stay safe on the roads this weekend, especially with snowbanks.

Your community Physiotherapist,

Julie McGivery

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