What is Kinesiotape (KT)?

Many of us have seen the bright coloured tape worn by Olympic athletes in recent years. This is called Kinesiotape. Introduced to the world during the ‘88 Seoul Olympics but invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase in 1975, KT made its way to North America and now exists in many healthcare settings including Physiotherapy & Massage therapy clinics.

KT can be, used in acute and chronic conditions, is water resistant, latex free, breathable, and can be worn for multiple days. It gives support, and stability without affecting circulation or range of motion, which makes it a desirable treatment option for many therapists.

KT can be used to treat and manage many conditions including: bruising (contusions), muscle pain and strains, joint instabilities and sprains, low back pain, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, whiplash, scar formation, plantar fasciitis, postural dysfunctions, rib pain, and many more.

KT main functions:

Improvement of muscle and joint function – used to increase or decrease muscle tension reducing pain, improving loading capacity to the joint, and decreasing healing time. The tape can act as a reminder to our brains of what position our body is in and stimulate the muscles to activate the correct muscles.

Reduction of circulatory restriction – KT lifts the skin to allow for better circulation and drainage of fluids to decrease swelling and inflammation in an injured area. This is helpful during acute injury or following surgery resulting in a lot of swelling or lymphatic fluid build-up.

Pain reduction –KT can change the tension of a muscle, position of a joint, or lift the skin in the area to allow drainage and to decrease pressure on the pain receptors under the skin.

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Courtney Parker, PTA

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